About Us

The TRVFA represents all retained Firefighters & Brigades of the Tasmania Fire Service, by representing them on various committees, acting as a conduit of information both to and from the TFS, and generally supporting its members in any way.

The Association is made up of three (3) Regions North, NorthWest & South - which correspond with the Tasmania Fire Service's regions.

We are here to help, but we have a couple of small requests first:-

Try and resolve the issue at a local level, using the chain of command.

Sometimes depending on the issue this is not always possible, but where it is it should be attempted.

Make contact with your local representative(s) of the TRVFA for advice/counsel.

(see State Executive page - under 'About Us' for contact details).

Be honest tell them the full story it will help them help you.        

Contact Us

M: C/- 27 Magnolia Court, Brighton, 7030

P: 0417 499 088

E: secretary@trvfa.org.au

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