The Association shall be called the Tasmanian Retained Volunteer Firefighters Association - TRVFA


To maintain the welfare and represent the best interests of the members of the Tasmanian Retained Volunteer Firefighters Association. To consider and bring to the notice of the Tasmania Fire Service, matters affecting the welfare and efficiency of brigades.


a) All Retained Volunteer Brigades registered with the Tasmania Fire Service and any other Volunteer Brigades approved by this Association, shall be eligible for membership upon payment of the membership fee, which shall be fixed by this Association at each Annual General Meeting.

b) Associate membership is applicable to those individuals, approved by this Association, who pay subscriptions, where their brigades as mentioned above do not pay an annual subscription.

c) Membership fees become due on the 1st July each year and failure to pay membership within three (3) months of the due date will deem a brigade or associate member non-financial, and they will forfeit all voting rights until outstanding subscriptions are paid.


The financial year of this Association shall commence on the first day of July each year and end on the thirtieth day of June each year.


There shall be a Senior Executive Committee consisting of the following –

> The State President

> The State Secretary

> The President from each region


There shall be an State Executive Committee consisting of up to eighteen (18) representatives made up as follows:-

1) The State President

2) The State Vice-President

3) The State Secretary

4) The Assistant State Secretary

5) The State Treasurer

6) State Fire Commission Representative

7) The President and Secretary from each Region

8) Two elected delegates from each of the three regions

(The three regions will be South, North and North-West and shall represent the same areas as recognised by the State Fire Commission)


This position shall be considered by the State Executive Committee when the position becomes vacant in accordance with legislation as it relates to “Term of Office” and the State Executive Committee will have the power to re-nominate the incumbent or call an election for the representative.


a) The State President, State Vice-President, State Secretary, Assistant State Secretary and State Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and all these positions will be vacated and filled every two years (in the odd numbered years), at the Annual General Meeting.

b) If the State Executive Committee decide that an election for the State Fire Commission Representative is required, that election shall be in accordance with attached procedure.

c) The Presidents, Secretaries and representatives from the three regions are to be elected by their own regions, and these elections will be held every two years (in the even numbered years).

d) Any Casual vacancy occurring shall be filled for the remainder of the term unless elections are planned within three months of the vacancy occurring

e) A Returning Officer shall be appointed to conduct a ballot for positions to be filled at `annual general meetings as per this constitution, other than the State Fire Commission Representative, and in the event of a tie, lots shall be cast as determined by the Returning Officer.


a) The Annual General Meeting of this Association to be held in July of each year or as near as possible thereafter.

b) Notice of all state general meetings and the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to all financial members and each member of the State Executive, and shall be sent out to at least 21 days prior to the meeting. Notices for region meetings shall be sent out by region Secretaries to members at least 21 days prior to the meeting with copies to State President and State Secretary.

c) The Senior Executive Committee will meet as determined by the State President, but will only meet to deal with matters, (excluding strategic related matters), affecting the Association that require an urgent decision or response where those matters cannot be held over until a state executive meeting or a general meeting,

d) The State Executive Committee shall meet on at least once each year and hold any special meetings as required by the State President.

e) General Meetings can be called by the Senior Executive at any time they consider it necessary, but at least one shall be held each year, immediately following the Annual General Meeting

f) Regions will hold a meeting at least once each year, and that meeting can be their annual general meeting.

g) Agendas will be provided with Notices of Meetings and Minutes of meetings circulated within one month of the meeting being held.


a) A quorum for any senior executive meeting will be three (3)

b) A quorum for any state executive meeting will be ten (10), and where a person holds dual membership on that Executive their dual membership will be counted towards that number

c) A quorum for region meetings will require the number of representatives at the meeting representing one more than half the financial brigades in the region

d) A quorum for the state general meeting will be 12, made up of members of the state executive, representatives of financial member brigades and associate members


a) Each member of the Executive and a representative of any Retained Volunteer Fire Brigade or any other Brigade approved for membership by this Association, represented at the meeting (subject to clause 3a), shall have one vote at any meeting they are eligible to attend, provided they are financial members. Members of the State Executive holding dual positions can only exercise one vote.

b) Associate member voting rights at an Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting shall be restricted to one from the same brigade, approved for membership by this Association (subject to clause 3b).

c) The Chairperson of any meeting of this Association has the casting vote in the event of a tied vote.


a) The State Executive Committee has the power to grant Honorary Life Membership in return for meritorious or distinguished service to the Association.

b) Honorary Life Members may attend any Association or Executive meeting and may enter into any discussions, but shall not vote on any motion unless they have voting rights as previously mentioned.


a) This constitution can only be altered or amended at an Annual General Meeting of the Association provided that those changes are approved by at least two-thirds of those present at the meeting and entitled to vote.

b) No alteration or amendment to this constitution can be considered at the Annual General Meeting unless prior notice of the proposed alteration or amendment has been given to the Secretary 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, and details of those proposed changes are circulated with the Agenda.


On any disagreement arising on the interpretation of this constitution, the Senior Executive Committee shall give a ruling on interpretation and that ruling shall be abided by in all cases.


a) Sub-committees shall be established, and association representatives appointed, as and when necessary to facilitate and promote the objectives of the Association.

b) Sub committees and representatives are required to report back to and seek endorsement from State Executive, as and when required.

c) Members of sub-committees and association representatives must be current financial members (subject to section 3c).



State Executive Committee to appoint Returning Officer.

Nominations to be called for, thirty (30) days prior to nominations closing.

Nomination form to be signed by at least one brigade member and also person being nominated, signifying agreement with the nomination.

Nominator and Nominee must be a member of the Association for that financial year.

Nominee may provide a Curriculum Vitae, of no more than a typed A4 sheet, which will be circulated with the Ballot Paper.

Ballot Papers to be circulated no later than fourteen (14) days after nominations close.

Voting to close with Returning Officer on a date to be decided by the Returning Officer, but no earlier than twenty-one (21) days after Ballot Papers sent out.

Current Financial member Brigades and associate members will each have one vote for this Election.

Ballot Papers to be returned to the Returning Officer in a sealed envelope provided and stored in a safe place until counted.

Ballot Papers to be counted and result ascertained within fourteen (14) days after the close of the Poll.

The State Executive will appoint at least one Scrutineer to oversee the counting of votes and the Candidates will be invited to appoint one Scrutineer each, as well. The Ballot Papers not to be counted unless the State Executive appointed Scrutineer is present.

The method of voting & the ascertaining of the result of the Election, to be by the method used for Legislative Council Elections in Tasmania.

Returning Officer to provide a “Certificate of Election” to the President of the Association within seven (7) days of the result being ascertained, and will advise the Candidates and the State President of the outcome as soon as the result is ascertained.

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