Office Bearers Honour Board

State President

Name Years of Service
A.W. Purkiss 1978-82
R.L. Hales 82-84
M. Hill 84-85
W.J. Burn 85-01
A.C. Taylor 01-Present


Vice President

Name Years of Service
A.W. Purkiss 1982-83
P. Hill 83-85
B.K. Corbett 85-88
R.S. Barrett 88-90
R.L. Hales 90-91
R.S. Barrett 91-09
C.A. Hughes 09-13
S.D.Clarke 13-Present


State Secretary

Name Years of Service
K.J. Williams 1978-81
B.K. Corbett


D.J. Waldron 84-00
A.C. Taylor 00-01
M. D'Alton 01-03
M.J. Philpott 03-Present



Name Years of Service
B. Rogers 1978-81
K.J. Williams 1981-86
D.J. Jones 1986-2010
P. Groves







Current State Fire Commission Rep

Bruce Corbett AFSM


Life Members of TRVFA

Currently researching

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